Do you accept insurance?

Retrouvai Wellness does not accept insurance plans.  Insurance companies have rules set in place regarding payment rates, number of allotted visits, and mandatory treatment minimums and maximums, which vary from one insurance company to the next and tend to change frequently.  Due to the large variability and constant modifications, medical professionals began spending an enormous amount of time and resources attempting to comply with insurance guidelines.  The rate at which these rules change makes it almost impossible to keep up without sacrificing time spent on patient care.  By choosing to step away from insurance companies, Dr. Rackham is able to focus on providing the highest quality care to each individual.  You may, however, use an HSA or FSA for any of our services and supplements

Can you provide me with an itemized receipt?

Yes.  We are able to provide a receipt with details of the treatment to turn into your insurance company, however we are not responsible for decisions made regarding reimbursement.  Payment will be collected at the time of service and a receipt will be emailed to you denoting that you received services at Retrouvai Wellness.  

Do you offer payment plans or financing?

Yes, we have financing options available that offer low monthly payments with zero interest for 12 or 24 months.

How Long is a typical appointment?

Chiropractic new patient appointments are usually about 60 minutes, and this includes a full comprehensive exam and initial treatment.  Report of findings will also be given during the first appointment.  Subsequent appointments will vary, depending on the severity and extensiveness of the injury.  The first few appointments usually take longer (ranging about 30-40 minutes) as the tissue requires more of a stimulus to elicit a result.  As you start to improve, maintenance appointments are usually about 15-20 minutes, which includes more of a "spot-treatment."  The type and length of appointment will be up to the discretion of Dr. Rackham in order serve the best interest of the patient.  

As a functional nutrition patient, you will receive a free initial 15-minute consultation, and appointments thereafter will last from 30-60 minutes.

What can i expect during treatment?

Dr. Rackham uses a variety of techniques designed to create a stimulus to the nervous system and encourage an adaptive response in the joints and surrounding soft tissues.  These techniques can be uncomfortable at first, but with repetitive treatments the discomfort is usually lessened.  Patients can also expect to receive in-depth education about the cause of the particular issue, why the treatment is being done, what to do to maintain it, and how to prevent re-injury in the future.  

As a functional nutrition patient, you can expect to learn about the health of different systems of your body and how they work together.  You will receive nutritional guidance and discuss lifestyle changes conducive to improving your wellness.

Cancellation policy

In order to provide every patient with exceptional and attentive care, Dr. Rackham sets aside the appropriate amount of time for each individual.  We understand that sometimes it is necessary to cancel or change an appointment.  In consideration of others who need care, we ask that if you are unable to keep an appointment with our office, please observe our cancellation policy which follows:

Our office requires at least 24 hour notice for all appointment cancellations.  If you are unable to provide 24 hours notice, you will be billed a $25.00 charge to your credit card on file for scheduled appointments.